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The location of our salon in West Ealing, London, is quite picturesque. As you make your journey to our salon along the winding country roads, you will experience an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity, and you will find that your worries begin to melt away.
Our West Ealing stone barn is the embodiment of rural chic, complimenting its agricultural background while giving the ideal elegant hideaway in a private yet convenient setting. The barn is located in a tranquil courtyard, and its tastefully decorated interior is the definition of rural chic.

Our site, which is considered to be the epitome of West Ealings, is comprised of many independently renovated rural houses, one of which is the cutest religious edifice in all of England.

Perfection prioritises the convenience of our customers by providing free parking in enough supply. This enables our visitors to come and go in total and utter comfort. When you walk into our Salon, you are greeted by a kind face and immediately warmed up by the floor heating beneath your feet. Our meticulously renovated barn features its original timbers and sash windows, and our attention to detail is carried throughout the whole salon, where it can be seen in the form of unique fixtures, fittings, and lighting that is completely customizable.

The convenience and enjoyment of our customers played a significant role in the development of our beauty parlour and treatment areas. Our rooms are tastefully decorated to provide a warm welcome to each customer, and we provide plush couches with ergonomic designs that envelop our customers in a loving embrace when they sit on them. During treatments, we gradually warm up our aromatherapy oils, washing towels, and cotton pads. The perfume of fresh flowers and essential oils contributes to the already relaxing atmosphere of our salon. A unique touch may be achieved by providing guests with complimentary amenities, periodicals, iced water, coffee, and chocolates. While they unwind with a soothing manicure, customers may choose from a variety of soothing musical selections and even have their priceless jewellery polished while the service is provided to them.

Our indulgent selection of treatments has been curated to include cutting-edge eye aesthetics, four hand and dual hot lava shell massages, a repertoire of manicures and pedicures to satisfy all preferences, a choice of bespoke tanning treatments, and a selection of alternative therapies such as reflexology. In point of fact, the variety and quality of treatments we provide draws customers who would otherwise go to the high-end spas that are located in the near area of our establishment.

Meet the Team

Every single member of the Perfection team goes through a meticulous selection process to guarantee that they will complement and improve the atmosphere that has been so meticulously built for our most cherished customers.
Our company is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date treatments, services, and methods, and we use only the best quality goods that are currently on the market. We are certain that our treatment menu is on par with those offered in the most prestigious spas located anywhere in the United Kingdom.