Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

When handling any and all information obtained from site users, Perfection Uzziel Beauty Treatment does it in a manner that is consistent with the standards outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998.

We do not keep personal information for any longer than is required. The data is removed from our systems as soon as it is determined that it is no longer required.

Data pertaining to email subscriptions may be transmitted to a third party service provider for the purposes of administration and maintained there in a safe manner.

Our mailing lists are never made available for sale, rental, or exchange.

We never send unsolicited bulk emails, sometimes known as spam, to email addresses in compliance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations that were passed in 2003.

It is possible that we will send emails to customers who are already our clients or to prospective clients who have filed an inquiry with us about items or services that are directly delivered by us.

Every single one of the emails that we send out will include a signature that identifies us as the sender.

Cookies are utilised by the Perfection Uzziel Beauty Treatment website.

On this website, we strive to provide you with the very best experience possible by utilising a technology called cookies.

Our cookies do not store or transmit any personally identifiable information such as financial, private, or other sensitive data, nor do they include any other information that may be used to single out specific site users.

Google Analytics is the tracking service that makes use of cookies on our website. These enable us to count page views and traffic sources, which enables us to assess the effectiveness of our website and make improvements to it. These are anonymous, and as a result, they do not include any personal information about you. In addition, they cannot be used in any way that would involve the disclosure of information about you to a third party.

What exactly is the definition of a Cookie?

The term “cookie” refers to a very little text file that is stored on your personal computer by the websites that you visit. The website that produced the cookie is the only one with access to the information that the cookie stores, which is helpful information on how you use the website in question.

If you know where to search on the hard disc of your computer, you will find hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of cookies that have been saved there. Each one is different from the others and is associated with a certain website. Don’t worry; a cookie cannot infect your computer with a virus or other malicious software and cannot add anything to your computer’s settings.

Cookies serve an important purpose. When you go to an e-commerce website to conduct some online shopping and the site greets you by name, this is because the site has found the cookie that was saved on your computer from the previous time you visited the site. Cookies placed by Facebook on your computer make it possible for the “Like” button on a website to cause your Facebook account to open and display your profile when you click on it.

Why we are sharing information about our cookies with you

It’s in the code. This year saw an amendment to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, which included a provision that users of websites should be provided with complete information on the information that is kept in cookies on websites that they visit.

What is it that you ought to do?

If you choose to continue using the Perfection Uzziel Beauty Treatment website without making any changes to the settings, we will take it as an indication that you are content to receive all cookies that are used on the Perfection Uzziel Beauty Treatment website. If you are not content with the information presented above, please do not use this website. You are, however, free to alter the cookie preferences at any moment, should you so want to do so.

Please visit to learn more about cookies, including how to see previous cookies that have been put on your system, as well as how to manage or delete them.

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding the terms of our Privacy Policy.